07 April 2012

Why is Elton John harmful to me?

The resistance against gay marriage is probably the best evidence that Christians and other religious nutjobs are not after "tolerance" but rather "domination". If a Christian does not want to marry someone of her/his own sex, fine. That doesn't harm me, it doesn't change me, it does absolutely nothing to me.

On the other hand, how exactly is a Christian harmed by -say- Elton John's marriage? How am I harmed by his marriage? How is anyone at all harmed by his marriage?

I submit that Elton John is far more harmful to me because of his irritating so-called "music". That's a lot harder to ignore. It grates on my ears. But... I still have the option to go to another room when it is being inflicted on me.

But his marriage? What exactly entitles a Christian to determine where this guy sticks his dick? What exactly entitles a Christian to cry foul and claim "persecution" when Elton John is legally allowed to stick his dick in his husband? Can someone explain this to me? I really am too thick to understand it.


  1. Well Bart, they are going to say it's in the Bible. I'm not...but that's the answer you will get.

  2. That's it, isn't it Kathleen? An ancient storybook that has essentially nothing going for it, is used as justification for the most appalling baseless hatred and violence.

    On the one hand, I believe in freedom of religion and freedom of anything and everything else, but for me that freedom must stop when it starts to hurt others or starts to limit their freedoms.

    Our society takes a dim view of hate speech. Yet, when that hate speech is Bible-inspired, our society tends to act as though everything is hunky-dory. Bwerk.