05 January 2016

Coeliac disease and the Catholic Church

When Mel Lastman said in June 2001, before going to Kenya in support of Toronto's 2008 Olympics bid:
What the hell would I want to go to a place like Mombasa for?...I just see myself in a pot of boiling water with all these natives dancing around me.
he was heavily criticised for this "racial slur", and was encouraged to apologise for it.

While reprehensible, I would argue that it isn't a racial slur, since cannibalism is not exclusively practiced by non-whites, and that a great number of very Caucasian and very white Canadians practice it as well, albeit under a different name, namely the transubstantiation, a central claim of Catholicism.

Non-Catholics may not know what this is about. When Catholics go to communion, they are given a bland cracker, the so-called 'host'. They are required to believe (as with anything in religion, without any evidence at all) that the cracker magically transforms into the body of Christ, their master. In other words, Catholics are practicing cannibalism, since they claim to eat human flesh, and are quite proud of it too.

It turns out that, according to TVO, certain Catholic churches in Guelph are now offering low-gluten hosts to help people with coeliac disease. While that is certainly a positive thing, it also shows that those responsible do not believe in the transubstantiation. After all, meat does not contain gluten in any demonstrable quantities, and if the transubstantiation were true, the cracker would contain not a single gluten molecule.

While this move may or may not be supported by the authoritarian rulers of the Catholic Church in the Vatican, this move seems to at least suggest that the transubstantiation is not as uncontroversial as the Catholic Church claims.

In any case, it nicely reminds us once again that this death cult makes claims that are just as baseless, ridiculous and revolting as those of its competitors.