This is a blog about religion. Since Christianity and its Bible are what I know best, these will be the main subjects, but other subjects will be dealt with as well.

The Bible and the religious sects based on it have had and still have an enormous influence on Western culture and thinking. They have brought us divine realisations in architecture and music, and via stultification of our intellectual growth, mutilation of our genitals and constant brainwashing they have also brought us unnameable violence and suffering.

It is my hope that the articles will show that the Bible and its associated theologies are far from the impressive pinnacle of intellectual achievement many people think they are, that both contain great stupidity and internal contradictions, that they promote stagnation and violence and that they discourage innovation, growth and curiosity.

In spite of what religion has brought us, we are better of without it than with it.

I am a skeptic. This means that most everything I write will be evidence-based. I will do my best not to make mistakes, but I am human, and will therefore almost certainly make them every now and then. Please do not hesitate to point them out.

I do not intend to censor comments, except for removing obvious spam.

I hope you will enjoy this blog.


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